[Construction and Economy Newspaper] WINGLASS has developed and succeed in mass production antiviral glass ‘Dr, Glass’ for construction usage world’s first

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Winglass Co., Ltd (CEO Mr. Young Lee) has successfully developed antiviral glass called ‘Dr. Glass’. It is the world's first development of large size antiviral glass that can be applied for construction. Until now some antiviral glass are being used for touch screens and some hospital facilities. There is no large size of antiviral glass for construction in the world.

‘Dr. Glass’ was developed by combining Winglass’ nano-coating technology. ‘Dr. Glass’ restrains the proliferation of germs and viruses and sterilize by 99.9% Winglass holds large area nano-coating technology (Patent #10-1544358) and NeT certified (Ministry of Environment code 497) material mixing technology (Patent #10-1261204).                   

The key factor of this technology is making Silver(Ag) to nanometer size and

coating them on the glass evenly. Silver(Ag) has been recognized by the FDA as a material that has no resistance and removes bacteria, fungi, viruses, and 650 germs in under 6 minutes.

1 sheet of ‘Dr. Glass’ will be 3.1m in width, 2.5m in length, Its wideness is 7.4 m2. ‘Dr. Glass’ maintains transparency and sterilization both.

‘Dr. Glass’ sterilization function has been recognized by domestic and foreign authorized testing institutions. Testing results from SGS(A certificate issuing institution in Switzerland) and KSTL (Korea Safety Testing Laboratory) show that ‘Dr. Glass’ sterilize Escherichia Coli and Staphylococcus aureus by 99.9%.

Also, results from KCL(Korea Conformity Laboratories) show that sterilize Escherichia Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, Aspergillus Brasiliensis, Penicillium Funiculosum, Chaetomium Globosum, Trichoderma Virens and Aureobasidium Pullulans by 99.9%.

Winglass predicts that Dr. Glass will be used in a variety of applications such as windows for building, architectural panels, interior partitions and windows for multi-use facilities.

As the Covid-19 causes the demand for sneeze guard to increases, more companies are looking for ‘Dr. Glass’ because it’s sterilization function.

Dr. Glass has also been applied to hospital low-pressure isolation rooms to be shipped to Singapore, the United States and Spain. It’s receiving an increase in demands from construction companies and window-making companies to be added sterilization function as upgraded option for multi-use facilities, hospitals, and apartments. Currently final negotiations with various companies are underway.

In particular, this will help solve concerns regarding opening and closing windows during the summer season. There is a significant loss of cooling efficiency when the air conditioner is being operated with the windows open. This will result in increase on electricity bills. ‘Dr. Glass’ allows sterilization effect to be in full effect while keeping the air conditioning on and windows closed.

Mr. Young Lee, CEO of Winglass stated “Even after COVID-19, ‘Dr. Glass’ must be applied to school windows and food show cases to keep the students and public safe from germs, virus, fine dust and harmful substances.” “I hope ‘Dr. Glass’ will contribute to the slowdown of COVID-19 proliferation and our company will be growth as a company that contributes to a healthy life for all.”


<Published in the Construction and Economy Newspaper on May 21,2020>